Skipper Butterflies

According to the website, Wisconsin, 31 species of Skipper butterflies are found in Burnett county where Crex Meadows is located. These include the Silver-spotted, Hobomok, Long Dash, Fiery and the Mulberry Wing Skipper. In cross referencing sources, the website Butterflies and Moths of North lists only 25 of these, and do not include the Fiery Skipper, Crossline Skipper, Little Glassywing, Mulberry Wing, Broad-winged Skipper, Black Dash. There are possiblities that more species inhabit the area but have not been documented yet.

June 2008. The European Skipper has been documented in Burnett county at Crex Meadows.

The Skippers within the Spread-wing Skipper subfamily Pyrginae, have caterpillers whos host plants range from tree leaves of oak, willow, birch and others to plants such as columbine, and plants in the pea family and others found throughout Crex Meadows.

The Skippers within the Grass Skipper subfamily Hesperiinae, have caterpillers whos host plant tend to be the grasses, including the sedge grasses common on Crex Meadows.

The following list is from butterflies and and is the list of Skippers from Burnett county where Crex Meadows is located.

Spread-wing Skippers Grass Skipper
Silver-spotted Skipper *Epargyreus clarus Arctic Skipper * Carterocephalus palaemon
Northern Cloudywing *Thorybes pylades Least Skipper * Ancyloxypha numitor
Dreamy Duskywing *Erynnis icelus Leonard's Skipper * Hesperia leonardus
Sleepy Duskywing *Erynnis brizo Cobweb Skipper Hesperia metea
Juvenal's Duskywing *Erynnis juvenalis Indian Skipper * Hesperia sassacus
Mottled Duskywing *Erynnis martialis Peck's Skipper * Polites peckius
Columbine DuskywingErynnis lucilius Tawny-edged Skipper * Polites themistocles
Persius Duskywing *Erynnis persius Long Dash * Polites mystic
Common Checkered-Skipper *Pyrgus communis Northern Broken-Dash * Wallengrenia egeremet
Common SootywingPholisora catullus Delaware Skipper * Anatrytone logan
Hobomok Skipper * Poanes hobomok
Dion Skipper *Euphyes dion
Dun Skipper * Euphyes vestris
Dusted Skipper * Atrytonopsis hianna
Common Roadside-Skipper * Amblyscirtes vialis
European Skipper * Thymelicus lineola

The following list is the Skippers found in Burnett County according to Wisconsin but not found on the above website:

Fiery Skipper * - (Hylephila phyleus)
Crossline Skipper - (Polites origenes)
Little Glassywing - (Pompeius verna)
Mulberry Wing * - (Poanes massasoit)
Broad-winged Skipper * - (Poanes viator)
Black Dash * - (Euphyes conspicua)

Note: Butterfly Names followed by * are verified on Crex Meadows.

Verified Two Spotted skipper - (Euphyes bimacula) June 24, 2010
Verified Common Checkered skipper - (Pyrgus communis) June 24, 2010

The above skippers were discovered due to Mike Reese from Wisconsin Butterflies. org taking time to join me on a visit to Crex Meadows. This one day with him helped me learn to spot and document butterflies on Crex Meadows. Many thanks to Mike for his help over the last 10 years.

Verified Sachem - (Atalopedes campestris) June 24 2012 and again August 11, 2012.

Over the years, I have several photographs of grass skippers and spreadwing skippers that due to lack of underwing or not fully opened upper-wing views, I am unable to determine which species they fall under. It is possible the Cobweb skipper, Little Glassywing, Horace or other occasionally reach Crex Meadows for a season or two in low numbers.

Ann Thering has photographed the Pepper and Salt skipper on Crex Meadows.

Weekly Skipper Species Seen

skipper bar chart
This is the weekly number of skipper species seen on Crex Meadows over the years.

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