Brushfoot Butterflies

Admirals and their relatives

White Admirals, Red-spotted Admirals, and Viceroy are all listed as members of this subfamily found in Burnett County and presumably Crex Meadows. The Red-spotted Purple is not listed as a Burnett county resident at Wisconsin Butterflies, but at the website, butterflies and moths, the Red-spotted Purple is listed twice.

On occasion these butterflies will hybridize. Combinations of Viceroy White Admiral or Red-spotted Purple and White Admiral with Red-spotted Purple are infrequently reported in the USA. Bugguide has some information on this occurance and a web search can produce information back into the 1800s.

Bug Guide Hybrid Admirals

UPDATE! Red-spotted Purple has been documented on Crex Meadows in 2010 and 2011 and is listed on Wisconsin Butterflies.

UPDATE! July 9, 2013 I found an unusual Red-spotted Purple. Mike Reese at confirmed it was a hybrid Red-spotted Purple / White Admiral.


Of the two species of Emperors found in Wisconsin, only the Hackberry Emporer has been sighted in Burnett county.

Fritillary Butterflies

According to the website, Wisconsin, five species of Fritillary butterflies are found in Burnett county where Crex Meadows is located. These include the Variegated, the Great Spangled, the Aphrodite, the Atlanis and the Silver Bordered Fritillary. In cross referencing sources, the website Butterflies and Moths of North lists all of these plus the Frigga, the Freija, the Gulf, and the Meadow Fritillary. There are possiblities that more species inhabit the area but have not been documented yet.

UPDATE! In July 2008, along Reed Lake road, I photographed and submitted a Meadow Fritillary. This specie is now documented in Burnett County.

Milkweed Butterflies

Only the Monarch butterfly has been reported in Burnett County. Of the North American milkweed butterflies, the Monarch is the only one reported in all of Wisconsin.

Satyr Butterflies

Of the 10 species of Satyr reported in Wisconsin, 6 have been seen or photographed in Burnett county since 2000. Two others, the Red-disk Alpine and the Appalachian Brown have been reported in counties north of Burnett County. The Jutta Arctic has a historic record in counties north of Crex Meadows.

UPDATE! Jutta Arctic has been documented in Burnett County, in the far northeastern portion.

The Smoky Eyed Brown is listed at the Wisconsin DNR as a special concern species, but there is little else regarding this species. The Smoky Eyed Brown is not listed in the Butterflies and moths website.


The American Snout is listed as occuring in Burnett County. There are no other Snouts listed as occuring in Wisconsin.

True Brushfooted Butterflies

According to the website, Wisconsin, seventeen of the twenty species of True Brushfoots found in Wisconsin are found in Burnett county where Crex Meadows is located. The three species not recorded are the Satyr Comma, the Green Comma and the California Tortoiseshell. These three butterflies do have historic records in counties east and/or north of Burnett county. A historic record is a record, pre 2000 for the Wisconsin site. In cross referencing sources, the website Butterflies and Moths of North does not list the Northern Crescent in Wisconsin.

The True Brushfooted Butterflies subfamily (Nymphalinae) is the largest for the Brushfooted (Nymphalidae) Family. It includes the Checkerspots, Crescents, Commas and others as a whole. Selected species have been placed under this heading with further sub-headings where multiple species of the same Genus have been photographed.

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