Admiral Butterflies and their Relatives

White Admiral

Limenitis arthemis

Of the Admiral butterflies, three are listed as residents of Burnett county. There is some confusion in my mind as to whether the Red-spotted Admiral and the White Admiral are two species or if there is that much variation in color of the one type. There may actually only be two residents of Burnett county, the White Admiral and the Viceroy. I leave this to the experts to sort out.

This butterfly is easily identified by its striking contrast of white on black and large size.

Caterpillar Hosts: The larval foodplant consisits of various trees such as the birch, willow, and poplar.

Picture taken June 1, 2007

The White Admiral is a common butterfly on Crex Meadows. Many may be gathered around puddles and wet areas, or on scat.

Picture taken June 6, 2007

Sightings Chart

Colored squares along the x-axis indicate weeks none of this species were seen. Example May 1 - 25 show several visits over the years with no sightings of the White Admiral.
Chart Accuracy Self Rating: Very high.


TaxonomyWhite Admiral-Limenitis arthemis   Hodges#4522
Kingdom: Animalia Animals
Phylum: Arthropoda Arthropods
Superclass: Hexapoda Hexapods
Class: Insecta Insects
Subclass: Pterygota Winged Insects
    Order: Lepidoptera Butterflies and Moths
      Superfamily:  Papilionoidea
          Family:   Nymphalidae    Brushfooted
            Subfamily:    Limenitidinae     Admiral
               Tribe:      Limenitidini
                   Genus:       Limenitis
                      Specie:           arthemis