Silvery Checkerspot

Chlosyne nycteis


Wing span: 1 3/8 - 2 inches (3.5 - 5.1 cm).

Caterpillar hosts: Many different composites including black-eyed susan (Rudbeckia), sunflowers (Helianthus), and wingstem (Actinomeris alternifolia).

Females lay eggs in batches of about 100 on the underside of host plant leaves. Young caterpillars move in groups as they skeletonize leaves.

Habitat: Moist, somewhat open places including streamsides, meadows, forest openings.

Picture taken June 20, 2007

The Silvery Checkerspot identification is easiest when looking at the underside of the wing. Look to the difference in the moon spots, with the missing moons and somewhat darker appearance in this missing moon area an easy way to distinguish between the Silvery and its closest look alike.

Picture to the left take June 2015

Starting with 2013, Crex Meadows experienced an explosion in the number of Silvery Checkerspots. In June 2014, I arrived on Crex Meadows on what appeared to be the day of an outburst of emergence of these Checkerspots. It had rained the day/evening before so there was great numbers of these checkerspots puddling on nearly every gravel road.

This picture is a small representation of the large numbers of Silvery Checkerspots on Crex Meadows that day, though it is one of the larger single groups puddling together.

Clicking the image will bring up a slightly larger view.

Picture below taken June 20, 2014.

Sightings Chart

Colored squares along the x-axis indicate weeks none of this species were seen. Example May 1 - 15 show several visits over the years with no sightings of the Silvery Checkerspot.
Chart Accuracy Self Rating: Under-represented in High Count Years, especially in 2014.


TaxonomySilvery Checkerspot -Chlosyne nycteis   Hodges#4490
Kingdom: Animalia Animals
Phylum: Arthropoda Arthropods
Superclass: Hexapoda Hexapods
Class: Insecta Insects
Subclass: Pterygota Winged Insects
    Order: Lepidoptera Butterflies and Moths
      Superfamily:  Papilionoidea
          Family:   Nymphalidae    Brushfooted
            Subfamily:    Nymphalinae     Checkerspot
               Tribe:      Melitaeini
                 Subtribe:      Chlosynina
                   Genus:       Chlosyne
                      Specie:           nycteis