Gorgone Checkerspot

Chlosyne gorgone

gorgone1 The Gorgone Checkerspot on Crex Meadows is a treat for visitors to the Meadows. The Gorgone Checkerspot is mainly a plains area butterfly but Crex Meadows provides a habitat that does support this butterflies local population.

It is uncommon to rare on Crex Meadows but can become locally common in some areas of Wisconsin. On the plains, this butterflies numbers are secure.
Two broods can be found when conditions are good, but the past dry years has impacted sightings of these Checkerspots on the meadows.

First sightings on Crex tend to occur on the north side of the meadows in late may. A second hatch can be seen mid to late July. So far, numbers have been low on Crex with my highest numbers seen in July 2007 on Crex and July 2010 on Fish Lake. It was the Fish Lake trip that provided my first underwing shots of the Gorgone Checkerspots. Previously, these guys were only seen open wing or flew away on approach.

Wing span: 1 1/4 - 1 3/4 inches (3.2 - 4.5 cm).

Caterpillar hosts: Several plants in the Asteraceae including sunflower (Helianthus) and crosswort (Lysimachia) species.

Identification Tips

From the top view, the Gorgone Checkerspot is similar to many checkerspots on Crex Meadows at first sight.
    Solid black border in the median area above a row of solid black spots on the hindwing.
    No white in sub-margin hindwing black spots (see Harris and Silvery checkerspot top views).
    Dominate checkmark in hindwing margin area white spots.

The underside view of the Gorgone Checkerspot is unique and should not be confused with any other checkerspots in Wisconsin.

Sightings Chart

Colored squares along the x-axis indicate weeks none of this species were seen. Example May 6 - 15 show several visits over the years with no sightings of the Gorgone Checkerspot.
Chart Accuracy Self Rating: Moderate. Estimate 80% of Gorgone Checkerspot sightings identified. Numbers displayed are 100% correct, however there are potential sightings that could not be verified via photo.


TaxonomyGorgone Checkerspot-Chlosyne gorgone   
Kingdom: Animalia Animals
Phylum: Arthropoda Arthropods
Superclass: Hexapoda Hexapods
Class: Insecta Insects
Subclass: Pterygota Winged Insects
    Order: Lepidoptera Butterflies and Moths
      Superfamily:  Papilionoidea
          Family:   Nymphalidae    Brushfooted
            Subfamily:    Nymphalinae     Checkerspot
               Tribe:      Melitaeini
                 Subtribe:      Chlosynina
                   Genus:       Chlosyne
                      Specie:           gorgone